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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 15


show of love, & excitement, flattering conduct towards each other, boastings of progress in numerical strength &c, but I found that all had come, and they have met Him. He broke bread with us & the following Lord’s Day I saw him & his wife at the Table in Toronto, he is now undergoing trouble on this account, but stands firm. His father & mother call him a fool, & his clergyman brands him as a sneak. The “Record” articles are all cast against him. The two clergymen, Frank & Robert Grant, who two months since sent in their resignation to their bishop (Bishop of Huron) were present & full of solemn joy; they intend taking a few pupils each, & devoting the rest of their time to preaching & visiting among the saints. I will try & get a copy of their letter to send you. A young girl here is also going through trial from the hands of an affectionate father, who has been instigated by the clergyman to compel her attendance at the parish church; he has threatened to drive her from home, but she is firm and has proposed to break bread with us next Sunday. She said to me yesterday, “Better one soul that the Lord leads out than 1000 of man’s leading.” We shall probably be all alone as to visits from Brethren in upper Canada until the winter is over, the

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