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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 123


Peace be with you. Kindest love to all the brethren. May He keep them in the narrow path, and full of divine love and grace in it. I suppose, the Lord so ordering, I shall return to New York. Our conference meeting in Canada is put off to July 13, but, unless detained in New York, I expect to be in Canada a little before.

Affectionately yours in the Lord,


* * * * *

New York, May 13, 1865

I am very glad I came. At Albany, I suppose, they will begin to break bread, four in number. I am very thankful, too, I came here. Morris’s doctrine was making inroads amongst the Swiss. It is rife everywhere, and they deny all responsibility in man. I am in communication with the Menzies?_ and others besides the Swiss, but cannot tell how that will end. They would admit persons holding Morris’s doctrine. I learn how little you can live with, for I have not yet opened my portmanteau. It is a comfort otherwise to feel God has led you all along, and this I do.


* * * * *

New York, May 18, 1865

It is difficult to know where to go, there are such claims everywhere. Here it is clear I have been brought at a moment when God in goodness would have it so. The French Church, of whom many had received light through Mr.

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