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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 124


Finay, breaking up, having got a minister, I know not how, who had no truth to teach; and those, to whom the truth was precious, since fallen, some all but into the hands of Morris and annihilation, the irresponsibility of man. The principal brother, Elder and President of their church, has been entirely delivered, and other nice Christians are exercised and their consciences reached. I am in full and confidential communication with all of them, of course I shall have the credit of breaking up their church, with which I have had no more to do than yourself, save as 20 years ago Finay heard the truths from me and found them in the Word. The Elder I referred to is leaving for his health. I suppose the rest will break bread, and get on as they can. But then there is getting purged from this infectious doctrine; one feels in the church how entirely one is cast upon God. Then I have seen the brethren who separated from Williams, nice young men, but almost all quite young. They have felt at any rate that they had been led on loose ground. Farmer had led them not to refuse annihilationists, though some of them held it, they were aware of it, but gave way. Here I think there is hope of blessing, they are really in a nice state, and Farmer, whom I saw with them, all seduced and quiet. There are several others standing alone, whom I see also. Everywhere these wants are found in the church. It is often difficult to leave in these cases. One’s comfort is, there is Another that cares for the Church,

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