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American Darby Letterbook - Page: 91


of professing Chrisians & am at liberty to say all the word of the Lord & sometimes urged to speak fearlessly – then, without entering their desks, the opportunity is embraced, & not without some apparent blessing.

Reference is now had to places where the truth has never been presented. Of course, if, after the light had been given so as to be seen & understood, it were treated with indifference & contempt, I should not think of repeating the effort. You may not be aware that in this country are many gatherings of those who have left the “churches” in expectation of the Lord’s coming, some of which are not “organized churches.” Persons in these collections are more ready to listen to the Word than anywhere else. The Lord, I trust, will bestow upon me wisdom to adapt my method of reaching the minds of His people, who are in the midst of “the ruins” of the professing church, to the peculiarities of the circumstances around. May He in His mindfulness of our weakness, & the work needed to be done raise up someone to be my companion in my travels. Circumstances have kept me at home much for two or more weeks past, & I am troubled with a sore foot which prevents my wearing a shoe. Am hoping to be off again soon on my Master’s business. The precious little hymn you enclosed is much on my mind. It is a gem —

“When obstacles & trials seem

Like prison walls to be,

I do the little I can do

And leave the rest to Thee.”

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