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Oxford Sept. 3, 1827

Jesus Christ as the only name given under heaven whereby we can be saved - not by works but simply believing in his name. Works follow as an effect - Faith (which only God can bestow) is the cause. Humility, love, and affection to our relatives and friends and the exercise of all the Christian graces are the means by which every one who feels that Christ has redeemed him; loves to show his gratitude to his Heavenly Benefactor. By these he proves before mankind that he is a servant of a Heavenly Master and is thus, as says St. James, justified before Men; for it should be remembered that Justification is twofold. Faith justifies us to God and our own conscience - Works justifies us to the World.

In conclusion, my dear Mother, be assured that I wish to attach myself to no party - nor blindly to follow any human example. My trust, I can truly say, is in the Lord who I believe will not suffer me to wander far from the right path. To him I endeavour every day to commit myself, beseeching Him  to take the guidance of my steps entirely out of my own hands and to lead me into all Truth. That persecution and tribulation will be my lot I cannot but expect: but he who bringeth the trial can enable to support it.

The time is not yet come for me to declare my sentiments openly to the world - therefore be pleased to be silent.

Lest you should not be able immediately to obtain Henry Martyn's Sermons I will transcribe the part which bears reference to the question which you request me to answer. He quotes these texts: It is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth mercy. It is God that

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