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Wednesday November 29, 2017

'mybrethren' Website

Some of you have already noticed that the 'mybrethren' website has been down for a while; I have managed to get in contact with the webmaster of the site .. He told me that he was not in a position to continue the maintainence of the project, and hadn't been able to find anyone else interested in taking it over, but he has very kindly given me a full copy of it and allowed me to integrate any parts of it into this one. Now obviously large portions of that site perpetrated views that many of my regular users might be uncomfortable with, but among that there were many items of valuable historical interest, particlularly related to individuals that it would be good to incorporate. I need to work out the best way of doing this still but I imagine the pages will need a lot of reformatting, so if anyone has time to help out with that, please let me know.

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Lance said ...
Tom What was the mybrethren website?
Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017 : 22:55
Tom said ...
Hi Lance .. it was a site originally run by an American brother (Gordon Rainbow) who had left the Taylors in 1970, and contained history and ministry along those lines. But also there were many interesting comments by people put up .. it was quite old and dated and not updated any more, but around the early part of the century it was the only real 'Brethren' website out there. I think you prob would have come across it at some point.
Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 : 00:06

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