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Annie Selina Ormsby

Born: 16th July 1848
Died: 22nd April 1933

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David said ...
This may be Annie S Ormsby who also wrote poetry. Her name is sometimes associated with that beautiful gospel hymn:

"Come!" 'Tis Jesus gently calling
Ye with care and toil oppressed;

See also: 'Marching Home Together' by Annie S. Ormsby.

Sweet to tread the desert land
Marching home together;
Heart to heart and hand in hand,
Marching home together.
Dark and rough the way may be,
Often clouds hang o'er us;
But it is the path where He,
Christ, has gone before us.

Marching home! marching home!
Marching home together;
Heart to heart and hand in hand,
Marching home together.

Strangers here, we seek no place,
Marching home together;
Every step we learn His grace,
Marching home together.
Every need by Him supplied,
Wakes a note of singing;
Every sorrow sanctified
Praise to Him is bringing

Marching home! &c.

Every day the miles grow less,
Marching home together;
As our footsteps onward press,
Marching home together.
Even now we catch a gleam,
Hear the chorus swelling,
As each wanderer finds a place
In the Father's dwelling.

Marching home! &c.

Will you join our happy band?
Marching home together;
Travelling to the better land,
Marching home together.
Will you wait with us for Him,
Who will soothe all sorrow,
Gazing past earth's dark to-day
To Heaven's bright to-morrow?

Marching home! &c.

Saturday, Dec 9, 2017 : 23:41
Tom said ...
Thanks David, wasn't aware of that .. does anyone know more about her?
Monday, Dec 11, 2017 : 18:37
Marty said ...

Annie (Anna) Selina Ormsby was the daughter of Lt. Col. Owen Lloyd Ormsby and Selina Margaret Graydon. She was born at Ballinamore, Mayo, Ireland. She married John Berry Homan-Mulock, M.D., on 21st November 1883 at St Andrews Church, Dublin. Annie's address at death was 45 East Parade, Harrogate. She was age 84. They had no children. She is buried in Stonefall Cemetery, Wetherby Road, North Yorkshire. John was born on 28th April 1832 and died on 23rd August 1885, Age 53. He is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. A short biography of John is in "Footsteps of Truth" 1886, pp. 17-23. A photo of Annie's grave is here:

Friday, Sep 6, 2019 : 08:59

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