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by A. S. Ormsby


"I do earnestly remember Him still." Jer. xxxi. 30; 
"If thou wilt return . . . return unto Me." Jer. iv. 1; 
"Yet return again to Me, saith the Lord." Jer. iii. 1.
"The Lord turned, and looked upon Peter." Luke xxii. 61.
As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God." Rom. viii. 14.

 "Return! return!" beloved,
The Father calls to thee;
His voice is sadly sounding
Afar o'er land and sea.
The world's entrancing music
May echo all around;
But ears which once have heard it
Will know the "blessed sound."

 "Return! return!" beloved,
The Saviour calls to thee;
And where thy footsteps wander
He follows fearlessly.
His heart is yearning—yearning
To tell thee out its love;
To let thee know its sweetness
Down here as up above.

 "Return! return!" beloved,
The Spirit calls to thee;
Amid earth's many voices
He speaks untiringly.
The world may speak of beauty,
Of pleasure, and of love;
May dazzle with its brightness;
He whispers, "Look above/"

 "Return! return!" beloved,
Its mirth will soon be o'er;
And love but breaks its heart upon
The fairest earthly shore.
And still, to give thee lasting joy
Beyond the crystal sea,
The voice of God is calling yet,
"RETURN! Return to Me!"

A. S. O.

"The Gospel Watchman" 1883

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