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Alexander Hanna Stewart

Born: 17th January 1883
Died: 20th January 1970

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Culled from several Newspapers:
Racine Bible's history dates to 1912 when a group of nineteen men began meeting for a weekly Bible study. The first major developmental step occurred in 1927 when this group built the Union Tabernacle on Center Street in Racine. A. H. Stewart, called as the first pastor in 1931, served for ten years. In these initial years, the Union Tabernacle was known throughout the city and surrounding areas as the primary preaching place in Racine. The era’s popular radio teachers regularly took the train up from Chicago, or down from Milwaukee, to preach in Racine at the Union Tabernacle. H. A. Ironside, A. C. Gaebelein, Donald Barnhouse, William R. Newell, and Lewis S. Chafer are some of the expositors who preached here in those days.
Dr. Alexander H. Stewart, 87, the first resident pastor of the Union Tabernacle which later became the Racine Bible Church, died Tuesday (Jan. 20th, 1970) at his home at 1842 Taylor Ave. Racine, Wisconsin. A native of Scotland, Dr. Stewart came to Racine from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in 1931 and was Tabernacle pastor from 1931 until 1941. He served on the staff of the Extension Department of Chicago's Moody Bible institute, traveled throughout the United States and Canada as a Bible teacher and authored several pamphlets and books. He received an honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity from Bob Jones University, Greenville, S.C., in 1957. Funeral services will be held in the Racine Bible Church, Friday afternoon, with a son, the Rev. Samuel Stewart, assisting as officiant.
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Alexander Hannah Stewart – 17th January 1883 ~ 20th January 1970, age 87.
Father: Samuel Stewart – c1848 ~ 22nd July 1947
Mother: Isabella (Bella) Hannah – 19th January 1847 ~ 1st November 1938, age 91.
Wife: Mary Tennant Scott – 3rd March 1885 ~ 20th May 1965, age 80.
  George Stewart – April 1900 ~
Rev. Samuel Stewart (M. Wray) – 24th October 1903 ~ 6th February 1992, age 88.
  Mary Janet Scott Stewart (B. Hubinger) – 18th Dec. 1905 ~ 9th June 1988, age 82.
  Isabella (Isa) Hannah Stewart (W.A. Smith) – 11th July 1908 ~ 2001
  George (Geordy) Stewart (Dorothea) – 25th April 1910 ~ 1975
  Sarah (Sal) Stewart (H.J. Blake) – 29th August 1912 ~ 13th January 2006, age 93.
Grace Smith Stewart (C.R. Klicpera) – 13th January 1915 ~ 15th April 2010, age 95.
  Benjamin Greenman Stewart (L.B. Wiersum) – 2nd Feb. 1917 ~ 21st Jan. 2009, age 91.
  Joseph McAlister Stewart (R.K. Freres) – 3rd March 1920 ~ 26th Sept. 1944, age 24.
  Alexander Gerald Stewart (J.E. Kammerer) – 17th Jan. 1923 ~ 15th Aug. 2013, age 90.
  Thomas Stewart – 4th September 1871 ~
  Charles Hannah Stewart (Jean) – 8th December 1876 ~ 22nd July 1947, age 70.
  Sarah Stewart (J. Irvine) – 21st November 1880 ~ 1949.

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Jena Stewart said ...
Hello this was amazing to find this archive
Alexander Hannah Stewart was my great Grandfather, George Stewart was my grandfather and my dad was Gerald Scott stewart he was born 1943 died 2005
His sister my Aunt is Janice Mary Stewart(Roberts) I have 2 other sisters
This is amazing to realize these are all my relatives I live in London Ontario
Thank you for this
Thursday, May 19, 2022 : 05:07

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