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Number: 204 - Treasury of Truth (Loizeaux)

Bodily Healing Since Pentecost, and "All Things"

by Alex H. Stewart

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A very good expose of faith healers. This dear brother would be appalled at what is done today by faith healers & "so-called apostles". The tone could be more sympathetic to those suffering & could have been backed up with more scripture verses. He doesn't really go into any depth on some of the verses used to justify "faith healing". That being said it is good to know in our day that this terrible deception was exposed so many years ago. It seems the Devil never changes his snares just dresses them up a bit differently depending on the audience. It encourages me to continue resisting this stampede among "Christians" to run after these false teachers. Sadly rather than turning to scripture & common sense many chase sensationalism & mystical experiences, never checking them against the word of God.
Monday, Feb 13, 2023 : 09:03

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