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The Year 1905

Another World: Or, The Fourth Dimension

by Alfred Taylor Schofield

Rodger said ...
Page 80 is missing.
Sunday, Dec 4, 2022 : 13:52
Syd said ...
Page 80 is there!
A word is used, seldom found or read about - "omnividence." He writes:
"We find omniscience and omnividence claimed, "all things being naked and open to
Him with whom we have to do" (Heb. iv. 13). Omnividence , as in Heb 4:13, is something else than omniscience.
Our God is Omnipotent; Omniscient; Omnipresent; as we've been taught for centuries but He is also Omnivident, as Scripture shows.
Sunday, Dec 4, 2022 : 21:14

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