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The Year 1867

The Second Death and the Restitution of all Things

by Andrew Jukes

Tom said ...
* This is here for interest sake only, written long after he left the Brethren, and contains what we might consider "strange teachings".
Monday, Jul 23, 2018 : 22:52
Richard said ...
A full exposition of the gospel should not be put in the category of being “for interest sake”. If this is heresy you must delete it, otherwise you are in danger of spreading “doctrines of demons”. But if it is the true gospel, don’t disparage it by describing it as “strange teachings”. You can’t sit on the fence when it comes to foundational doctrine, you must make a stand.
Richard Brough
Thursday, Jan 2, 2020 : 14:15
Tom said ...
Hi Richard,
If I remember correctly I think this book teaches 'Universal Reconciliation' .. I'm not sure what else that might be objectionable. The general principle of what to put up, and when occasionally not to put something up can be a tricky one. The website is meant to be an 'archive', and as such it can be useful at times to learn from books which do promote 'doctrines of demons'. Even so it does make me uncomfortable with the idea of publishing items that contain fundamental errors, so I usually preface these with a warning, or only having them in the password protected section, for which the people who have access to this, I assume are aware of what they are looking at.
best, Tom
Thursday, Jan 2, 2020 : 16:43
Syd said ...
J.N. Darby examined this book in detail -
He said: "The abuse of Scripture in Mr. Jukes' book is flagrant."
Now Darby is not the standard; the Word of God is. So when Jukes' statements are compared with Scripture, there is little concurrence, and his reasoning barely understandable. As the warning given - "strange teachings."
Tuesday, May 10, 2022 : 02:47
Andrew said ...
Why does the front page indicate that it was written by M.A.?
Wednesday, Jun 7, 2023 : 09:30
Syd said ...
M.A.?? Uncertain, but the writer is Jukes, and the warning to be heeded. It is perhaps not surprising that in his postscript he appeals to William Law and quotes lengthy portions from Law's writings. Jukes writes on page 66: "And as by the hidden fire of this present life, shut up in these bodies of corruption, we are able by the wondrous chemistry of nature through corruption to change the fruits and flesh of the earth into our blood, and from blood again into our flesh and bone and sinew; so by the fire of God can we be changed, and made partakers of Christ's flesh and blood." This is not out of context. This is typical of how Law wrote. Darby wrote that Jukes in his book presents salvation by chastening, and denies divine life given and atonement for sin.

Read William Law and you'll find his strange, mystical theorising on the new birth and other vital subjects of Scripture. The apostle Paul exposed those who "say there is no resurrection from the dead." So, shouldn't we refer to those who may have a reading among Christians, but are false, and expose their erroneous teaching especially in a day when there is a grasping after every teaching of man?
Wednesday, Jun 7, 2023 : 17:37

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