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The Heavenly Guest, The Holy Spirit

by Arno C. Gaebelein

Martin Arhelger said ...

A. C. Gaebelein (born 1861) cannot be the author of this. The first version known to me was printed 1870 in the Dutch magazine “Bode des Heils in Christus“ under the title “De Heilige Geest, de hemelsche Gast“ in volume 13 on pages 17 - 44, see
A German version (translated from the Dutch?) is in “Botschafter des Heils in Christo” 20 (1872), page 128 etc. see here


Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022 : 16:33
Marty said ...
Martin is correct. Being born in the Netherlands and moving to the US almost 70 years ago, my Dutch is quite rusty, but can still make out that the works are the same. Why A. C. Gaebelein is listed as the author is anyone's guess.
Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022 : 23:50

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