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Charles Andrew Coates

Born: 7th December 1862
Died: 7th October 1945

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Cecil Weston said ...
One of my most favorite. Love his commentaries on the 5 books of the Pentateuch and Revelation.
Friday, Oct 27, 2017 : 02:41
Kyle Yoakum said ...
Although C. A. Coates was associated with the more exclusive of the "Brethren" (Ravenites, later Taylorites), he is one of the best "Brethren" authors who knew the Lord deeply. I didn't just preach objective doctrine, but spoke from a deep knowing of Christ Jesus Himself.
Sunday, Jun 27, 2021 : 01:35
Paul Allison said ...
Mr.Coates was a co-reviser of the 1932 hymn book and was a supporter of J.Taylor but maybe at the end of his life he had differences. It is reported that J.T. did not attend Mr.Coates' funeral and the PBCC do not publish any of his ministry but they do publish ministry of P.L. (Percy Lyon) who was a contemporary and a close friend of my father from early days. Some interesting stories of the latter could be written.
Monday, Aug 9, 2021 : 13:51
Roger Holden said ...
The PBCC do still publish CAC, see their web-site It is true that there is no evidence of JT being at CAC's funeral despite the fact that he was in the UK at the time. of CAC's death. If differences had developed it was since 25 September 1940 where he still speaks highly of CAC in a letter: "We think much of him and rejoice that he is preserved". It is thought that a reference by JT to the Lord being with us "in view of our loss" at a meeting at Cranleigh on the day of CAC's death is a reference to that. JT was in Portsmouth the weekend after. There may have been travelling problems to prevent him getting to Teignmouth. At meetings in Paignton 1946 JT responded positively to a reference to CAC.
Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021 : 18:46
lance said ...
I do not believe that there were any 'differences' between JT and CAC - in fact young people to this day are actively encouraged too read CAC's outlines!
Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021 : 17:52
kyle yoakum said ...
Lance, what do you mean there were no differences between Coates and Taylor Sr? Do you mean in doctrine only? I see a vast difference in character and spirituality. Coates seemed to have a walk with the Lord and when I read his works, I sense he knew the Lord deeply. Taylor SR, on the other hand, just does nothing for me.
Thursday, Aug 19, 2021 : 00:51
Nick Fleet said ...
There was a long-held tradition among Glanton brethren (which I heard from many sources over the years) that there was a cooling of relations between CAC and JT Sr at the end. Apparently, CAC told JT, "don't ever come here again smelling of whisky!" In addition, there is the documented visit of FA Hughes and GA Lucas with CAC in which they state that CAC had changed his views on the eternal Sonship question and regretted ever putting his hand to defending JT's 'new light'. I also have a number of emails from a relative who reports much the same outcome when his father visited CAC at Teignmouth in the 1940s.
Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 : 03:09
Rodger said ...
Where is GAL and FAH’s visit documented, Nick?
Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 : 03:58
Paul Allison said ...
It is interesting that GAL and FAH should visit Mr. Coates while they were still in the Taylor fellowship and were both regularly taking meetings in the English Midlands. Clearly they had not taken on JT's ministry as to the Non-Eternal Sonship. It was only several years later that both became associated with the Glanton brethren.
I hate to see Mr Raven's name coupled with JT's. They had nothing in common. FER was a humble self-effacing man who, at the end of his life, said that he never expected anyone to take on what he ministered, they were entirely his own thoughts. How different from the Taylor regime where all that he said had to be read, accepted and practised at the risk of being withdrawn from if not so, New York became the 'Rome' of the EB and notes of readings were compulsory reading. The only difference today is that Sydney has become 'Rome'.
FER was the subject of a relentless witch-hunt by some who had an almost idolatrous affection for Mr. Darby and did not think FER was eligible to take his place, something FER himself had no thought of doing. With JT came the notion of a world leader in a capital city whose every word was to be obeyed, giving infallibility to the leader. More objectionable than most is the title Elect Vessel, a title only once given by the Lord Jesus to the First of the Apostles, namely Paul.
The compulsory drinking of whiskey (or whisky) is surely a sign of the apostasy. I remember visiting my parents in 1971 not long after Aberdeen and, on opening the wine-cupboard to find half a bottle of whisky, belonging to a man who had never tasted anything stronger than cider or a small glass of ginger wine at Christmas, A further sign of the apostasy is their giving up of all the precious assembly principles that were painstakingly recovered by the early brethren JND, GVW, JBS and others. I truly believe that
Brethren, as a valid witness to the world ended in 1882
Sunday, Aug 22, 2021 : 17:21
Nick Fleet said ...
I'm not sure GA Lucas ever linked up with Glanton brethren? I know he ended up with Open Brethren. Some of us attended a BAHN conference a few years ago where a brother there mentioned that GAL had been an elder at his brethren assembly.

As for FA Hughes, he left the Taylorites in early 1951 (see GH Brown's 'The Departure ...') and was subsequently associated with Glanton brethren. Many have mentioned him with much appreciation.
Sunday, Aug 22, 2021 : 21:51
Paul Allison said ...
The story going round at the time was that GAL went to the Glanton Breaking of Bread and to the Open Brethren Gospel. FAH was affectionately known as 'Mr.Eyebrows'.
Monday, Aug 23, 2021 : 06:38

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