Brethren Archive

A Vessel for Christ

by C.A. Coates

A tiny vessel, Lord, to Thee I bring,
A heart that sought from every earthly spring
To gain its longing, but was empty still;
I bring it now to Thee, to take and fill.

Thy grace, that measured once the distance deep
Of Calvary's woe, to seek and save Thy sheep,
Has touched this heart, and made it long for Thee,
Thyself its Treasure and its All to be.

Thy glory now at God's right hand above,
Supreme of all in that blest scene of love,
In sonship tells that heart its wondrous place
In Thee accepted by the Father's grace.

Thy fulness, Lord, of light and love divine,
No thought can grasp, or human mind define;
The whole vast scene of glory will display
That fulness in a quickly coming day.

When all things filled by Thee are wholly blest,
And God's deep love eternally shall rest
In that which ever speaks to Him of Thee,
Thy greatness, Lord, the universe shall see.

But ere that day of bliss and joy supreme,
When Thou shalt be of every tongue the theme,
Let this small vessel prove Thy gracious power
To fill and satisfy it every hour.

Thy beauties, Lord, Thy holy, precious worth,
Surpassing far the fairest joys of earth,
Shall then absorb its true and constant love,
Thyself its Object in those scenes above.

And filled with Thee, and formed through grace divine,
By all that fills it, hold it, Lord, as Thine;
To be, in joy and peace that knows no fear,
The happy vessel of Thy pleasure here!

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