Brethren Archive

Wayside Ministry

by C. Pennefather

Ye who dwell among the flowers;
Flowers of Eden, bright and gay -
Gather up the choicest blossoms
Ere their freshness pass away.
Take them to the lonely hearted,
To the homes of grief and care;
Shed abroad the breath of fragrance,
Scatter roses every where.
Roses from your Father's garden,
Sparkling with the morning dew -
Silent messengers of gladness
Given so lovingly to you.
Lay them on the sick man's pillow,
Take them to the poor man's door,
Faded lips will smile a welcome
That have seldom smiled before.
Ye who dwell among the sunbeams,
Basking in the living light,
Hasten on your joyous mission
To earth's chill and weary night;
Plunge into the deepest darkness,
Valiant children of the day,
Carrying gleams of sunny brightness,
Sparkling as you thread your way.
Draw back many a shadowing curtain
Of despair, or shame, or sin.
Speak sweet messages of mercy,
Let the rosy daylight in:
Go and sooth away the anguish,
Go and kiss away the tears -
In the radiance of your smiling
Let sad hearts forget their fears.
Ye who dwell among sweet music,
Warbling, as ye pass along,
Snatches of the high and holy,
Cadences of angel song.
Earth is full of jarring discords,
But ye may not turn away -
We've a ministry of blessing,
For the dark and cheerless day.
Come and mend the broken harp-strings
Come and put them into tune:
Sing your own sweet songs of Zion
They shall find an echo soon.
Sing them to the broken hearted,
Though the answer be a sigh.
You and they shall sing together
In full chorus by - and bye.

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