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The Coming of the Comforter

by G.V. Wigram

Rodger said ...
In regards to GVW and his subject here, I was wondering something. There are two articles in The Inquirer for 1840 (volume 3) ascribed to "Iota." The first, The Prayer of a Saint, has long been ascribed to GVW (see The Bible Treasury, volume 13, 1880), but the second, The Indwelling of the Holy Ghost (pg 154), has not been attached to his name, that I know of. Does anyone know more about this, whether the article belongs to GVW or not?
Friday, May 19, 2017 : 01:53
Martin Arhelger said ...
I should say that it is quite improbable for two different persons using the same subscription in the same periodical. (Ioata was also used by W. J. Hocking but this was 100 years later!)
By the way:
- There are other articles by G. V. Wigram in the Inquirer 1840 which were not signed or signed with "g.", see on pages 256, 302, 333, 373, 423, and 524.
- Tregelles signed with a Greek Γ (gamma), pages 1, 49 etc.
Friday, May 19, 2017 : 13:52
Rodger said ...
Thanks, Martin. Your knowledge is always a help
Friday, May 19, 2017 : 19:06
Timothy Stunt said ...
Rodger raises an interesting question because as far as I know there is nothing publicly ascribed to GVW (book, pamphlet or article in his 'Memorials') of which the title is expressly concerned with the Holy Spirit. I have at the back of my mind that someone has somewhere commented on this — sorry to be so vague. Could this paper in 'The Inquirer' be the one work of GVW which eponymously considers this subject? Timothy Stunt
Friday, May 19, 2017 : 21:47
Marty said ...
I agree that "The Indwelling of the Holy Ghost" is the work of the same one that authored "The Prayer of the Saint". I don't believe that an Editor would allow two different authors to use the same pseudomyn in the same volume. Why it wasn't published by Mr. Wigram elsewhere is a mystery.
Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019 : 03:26

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