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Lieut. John Blackmore

Born: 9th November 1815
Died: 29th December 1890

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samko said ...
In the Scrapbook section the valuable quotation is given about JND and GVW engaging in practical support of Blackmore's rescue work. [The late and highly-esteemed brother G.V.W. said that he liked to have the single fish (Matt. iv. 19); for single combat compels the saint to draw largely upon the only true source of strength, and is oft times more efffectual than ordinary preaching.
The late and much-beloved brother, J.N.D., felt an interest in the work, sent cases, and gave of his substance. He hoped brethren would help.]

Tom, any chance of a precise page number for this reference?
Thursday, Sep 8, 2016 : 21:24
Tom said ...
It is page 152, there is a letter from GVW that proceeds it .. I should probably scan that and put it up too.
Monday, Sep 12, 2016 : 13:25

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