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John Hixon Irving

Born: circa 1845
Died: 1st June 1926

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Michael said ...

So this was the anti-vaccination guy ...

Apparently born in 1846:

I haven't been able to find him in the National Probate Calendar, but I suspect this is him:

Monday, May 18, 2020 : 18:09
Samuel said ...
I’d be surprised if J Hixon Irving wasn’t influenced by Dr Walter Hadwen of Gloucester, renowned for his victorious campaign against mandatory Smallpox vaccination. He was also a very prominent anti-vivisectionist and founder of the OB assembly in Gloucester. He was earlier with Stuart Brethren. His life and work resonate greatly in this time of Covid-19 global power-grab. Latest biography is at
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 : 02:46
Marty said ...
Fallen Asleep. From "The Believer's magazine" 1926.
John Hixon Irving, at Leigh, Lancashire, on 1st June 1926, in his 81st year. Well known for over 40 years as an able minister of the Word in many parts of England, Scotland, and America, where he laboured in the Gospel and in ministry of God's Word, with acceptance. He was in fellowship in various Liverpool Assemblies for a number of years, a diligent expositor of the Word, whose oral and written ministry helped many. Feeble and infirm in his closing years, but conscious to near his end.
His aged wife was blind for some time, and his sick daughter [Martha] unable to render much aid to her parents in their declining years. Mr. Irving was faithfully nursed and cared for by a Christian couple with whom he lived for some months in Leigh, and from whose home he passed to be with the Lord, brightly testifying his faith in Christ to the end of his course.
He asked those around his bed to sing "Crossing the Bar," just before he passed in to be "with the Lord." In a recent letter from his brother, who is 24 years younger than Mr. J. Hixon Irving, he tells of his own early conversion when a young man, then how he was led out from the Church of England, also of his being a local preacher among Methodists for some years. After this, owning no distinctive name, but ever after, he was content to be known simply as a "Christian" (Acts xi. 27). He was the means of leading the above-named brother to the Lord, and at his burial in Leigh, several testified of his abundant labours having been blessed to many conversions in places where he had preached for several years. Now he is at rest ''with the Lord," whom he loved and served throughout his long and diligent years of faithful ministry. A Memoir of Mr. J. Hixon Irving, with a recent photo, will (God willing) appear in the July 1926 issue of "The Christian Worker."
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 : 07:53
Karen Siemens said ...
I have another book by Irving called "Ye Are Perfected"; or The Perfected Saviour and The Perfected Saint. It is a small hardcover of 48 pages, published by John Ritchie, Kilmarmock. I inherited it from my grandfather who appears to have gotten it from the public library in the hamlet where he lived in Saskatchewan, Canada, as it also has a library stamp on the cover. He valued it enough to pass it on to my father who passed it on to me as a worthwhile book.
Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020 : 02:00
Marty said ...
The book you are referring to Karen, is included in "God's Workmanship..." beginning on page 49.
Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020 : 05:48

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