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Sunday January 20, 2019

An Early Anti-Vacciner in 1883

Here are two newspaper clippings about a brother, John Hixon Irving, who fell afoul of the authorities back in 1883 for refusing to vaccinate his child. I am quite interested in this subject myself, and pretty swayed by the argument that vaccines are potentially very harmful to the human body, because of the various 'binding agents' and other nasty chemicals that are thrown in with them. Added to this, a single vaccine can contain cells from up to 1,000 different individuals, and some of these are harvested from aborted foetuses. I wasn't aware though of historical objections to Vaccination – I assume his reasons were more likely to do with the danger of the child catching the disease iteself, which I think was a relatively common occurrence, than any of the reasons I have listed.

J.H.I. went on to become a well-known author, and I assume speaker too. CBA lists ten of his books published by John Ritchie, and this website has many articles of his in periodicals such as the Northern Witness, Light and Liberty, etc.

From the "Stroud News", 16th Nov 883, p. 8.



From the "Stroud Journal", 17th Nov 1883, 




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Deborah Hey-Smith said ...
Interesting article re vaccination
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 : 16:41
Ken Conklin said ...
Thank you for sharing this, I am interested in finding more examples of the brethren’s personal resistance against government mandates / vaccination throughout history. As we can see today, history has a way of repeating itself. At the same time all of these actions have created a boomerang effect bringing sinners like myself closer to the Holy Bible, the perfection of Christ, and the Plymouth Brethren.
Monday, Feb 7, 2022 : 00:24

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