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Thursday November 14, 2019

"Words In Season" Acquisition



Somebody very kindly donated to me 62 volumes of the North American Words In Season periodical, to add to the website, which we will hopefully be able to scan in due course.

A worthy opportunity to remind anyone that we are always grateful for new material like this to grow the archive - be it any scans you might have, or be willing to do, or any rare items you can lend us, that we can scan and return 🙂


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Samuel said ...
Congratulations ! This is very useful. I've just run my eye down the spines of the volumes in the photo, and there are none that I can see from the first 12 years of the magazine. The first three years would be most interesting, as this magazine started off as being the "official organ" (insofar as such may be imagined) of the Gospel Halls, (in contradistinction to the non-Gospel Hall or Chapel Open Brethren assemblies in North America. Perusal of the first three years contents ought to be replete with doctrinal expositions etc aimed at beefing up that position. It would be interesting to see who the contributors were, and just what they were writing &c.
Friday, Nov 15, 2019 : 00:12
Tom said ...

Yes unfortunately it is pretty much everything apart from those first 12 years - Hopefully they will turn up some point though!

Friday, Nov 15, 2019 : 00:30
Dan said ...
Any projected timetable on the scans? I realize that its a huge project, but curious...
Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019 : 03:14
Tom said ...
Would be good to have it all done next year if possible.
Wednesday, Nov 27, 2019 : 21:58
Daniel Roberts said ...
I'm not too sure whether we are referring to the same publication, but the phot looks OK.

Past copies of 'A Word in its Season' may be downloaded from

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020 : 18:43
Tom said ...
Hi Daniel, this one is an American Gospel Hall periodical.
Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 : 06:31
Jeff said ...
I was saved by reading this remarkable magazine in the 1990s. I knew that the Lord called me out of this present evil world. It preaches true faith.
Friday, Oct 9, 2020 : 18:33
Walter said ...

Truth and Tidings and Words in Season were the two official magazines distributed among the North American Gospel Halls. Truth and Tidings is still circulated. I Understand that there are time constraints to make these back issues readable on line. I would be willing to help monetarily [ 200.00] to have someone assigned to this work. Regards Walter

Sunday, Apr 25, 2021 : 09:16
Ross Murray said ...
I am in Australia, helping an elderly friend dispose of her library. She has over 300 copies of Words in Season dating from 1960 to the 1980s. I don't know if the series in complete. Could you please tell me if these issues are all either online or available to be scanned. If they are available online I will simply recycle them. Alternatively, if you are aware of an archive or contact in Australia who might be interested in receiving them, please let me know.
Saturday, Mar 18, 2023 : 12:34

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