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Thursday March 9, 2017

Recollections of an Evangelist, by Robert Gribble

Finally picked up this lovely book, after 8 years of waiting!


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Kyle Yoakum said ...
I have never seen this book but only heard about it. Nice find.
Monday, Mar 20, 2017 : 23:15
Jonathan said ...
Are you planning on releasing it for download (if there's a link to do so, I've missed it...)?
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017 : 13:24
Tom said ...
I haven't scanned it yet, but will do at some point, and make it available. Admittedly my post was a bit pointless without being able to download it .. just a bit of excitement at finally getting a book I've had a saved search for, for so long :-)
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2017 : 18:25
Jane said ...
We live in Coombehead Chapel which is located between Colebrooke and Spreyton. It was built by William Arscott and Robert Gribble around the 1840’s. We have nearly finished converting it and would like to include a plaque with the date it was originally built but we are unable to get much information on the history of the chapel.
Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Wednesday, Jul 29, 2020 : 19:04

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