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Friday August 21, 2015

Grave hunting in South Plainfield

Just got back from a few weeks holiday in the USA; while there and staying with friends in New Jersey, I was able to visit the Hillside Cemetery in South Plainfield, the final resting place of many well known names in the history of the North American assemblies.


F.W. Grant



Samuel Ridout


The Loizeaux brothers



F.C. Jennings and family



Also, Robert Lowry, who although does not have a direct connection with the Brethren, was the writer of many well known hymns, including, "Low in the Grave He Lay", "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus", "Shall we Gather at the River". Also the common tunes to, "Here is love, Vast as the Ocean",  "All the Way My Saviour Leads Me", and "Marching to Zion".

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Arun said ...
Thank you for those photos, just wanted to have a glimpse of something of theirs... love them so much through their precious books!
Saturday, Oct 3, 2020 : 06:29
Tony Brown said ...
I live in Benfleet, Essex, England and I have just discovered FC Jennings via the writings of AW Pink and ordered my first FC Jennings Book. I like to find a photo and a biography of authors to check out thier soundness.
And connected with my faith I am also fascinated with final resting places because it reminds me that it is my soul that is eternal. I look at the graves of the rich and famous a lot on line to remind myself we take nothing with us in death and no matter who you are rich or poor this earthly body ends up on its own in a box in the ground. And I was just thinking even if I got to the states I would never be able to find Mr Jenkins grave.......and then there it is. And with his whole family. So thank you for posting these photos.
Tony Brown
Saturday, Feb 27, 2021 : 14:05

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