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Wednesday November 6, 2019

A Glimpse of a JND Placebook

This 'Placebook' of JND is held in the archive of the PBCC. Not much is known about it, though it originates from his days at Trinity, but I understand it  contains notes from his university years, and was used later in life also to make notes and comments on a range of subjects.

Here is a picture of the book (used under fair-use copyright provision but acknowledged to be copyright to UBT);

[This post has been edited from the original at the request of Peter (see below).]




I know many PBCC members have registered on this website over the years, and some I think might be regular users - so I wonder if any of them reading this might be generous enough to provide us all with some more information on this item, or if they were especially nice to let me have a look at it :) 

In This Section

Hello, Tom - regarding your mini blog on the JND place-book, I wonder if you would consider removing the reference to the videos especially, as you say, they were posted illegally, and as I have given you some information about the place-book, (not realising you were going to put it straight on your blog!)

Please let me know your thoughts.

All the best for 2020!

Regards, Peter

Thursday, Jan 2, 2020 : 23:56
Tom said ...

Hi Peter,

Okay I have removed the references to the videos as per your request .. the post is pretty empty now, but that's ok! Sorry if I took the liberty of including the sentence about the book you gave me without asking too.

I hope you don't mind me also saying that, as you might imagine, the existence of a book like this obviously sparked great interest among researchers on JND. I know many in the PBCC are interested in the history; I understand members have frequently visited the CBA at Manchester, as well as been given access to private collections such as Ian's in Northern Ireland, as well as my friend Marylon Crosses' at Chapter Two (I believe Mark Gully and Garth Davey visited last summer for example, and were given a copy of a letter of JBS). It would be fantastic if the PBCC were also willing to share with the rest of us some of the precious items you may possess :)

Friday, Jan 3, 2020 : 20:33

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