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Wednesday November 6, 2019

A Glimpse of a JND Placebook

Some of you will have seen the fascinating videos that surfaced on YouTube last week from a series made by the PBCC entitled "Remember Your Leaders". It turned out to be an unofficial upload and the videos have now been removed unfortunately. It is a shame they are not more publicly available as it was an excellent, well made series, visiting important locations connected with J.N.D., F.E.R. and others, and contained new research shedding more light on their lives. What was of particular interest was the brief glimpse at the archive held by the PBCC and some of the artifacts they possess, especially a 'Placebook' that JND had from his days at Trinity which was produced in the first video. Only a few pages of this book were seen, but I understand it not just contains notes from his university years, but was used later in life also to make notes and comments on a range of subjects.

Here is a picture of the book from the video (used under fair-use copyright provision but acknowledged to be copyright to UBT);




I know many PBCC members have registered on this website over the years, and some I think might be regular users - so I wonder if any of them reading this might be generous enough to provide us all with some more information on this item, or if they were especially nice to let me have a look at it :) 

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