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Jack said ...
This is a completely different Brethren church to which I attended. I belonged to an Open Brethren group, but we were taught that one did not vote, held public office or to serve in the military. I joined because I was a pacifist and was always drawn to the more peaceful forms of Christianity.

I don't vote because I don't want to be blood liable if people get killed in war. Additionally I don't want to be held responsible for people becoming homeless.

Also I believe that once saved, always saved. This is a belief that I hold dear. Pentecostals believe one can lose their salvation, a belief I find repugnant.

I was a poor man when I attended and was fully accepted. Being poor at the time made me look forward to the Millenium, a time of total equity for all. Mankind's politics are a complete failure. Every nation to me is a failed state. All countries have poverty. Only a few nations have pacifist constitutions.

So, I regard myself as called out as a Christian and not in the world. My group was not over strict since the owned tv sets, radios and some members drank alcohol.

Friday, Jun 4, 2021 : 11:24

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