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Out and Into.

by Malachi Taylor

(Written by the late Malachi Taylor, on receiving into Christian fellowship a woman who had been a sinner.)
“He brought us out, that He might bring us in.” Deut. vi. 23.

Our of the distance and darkness so deep,
Out of the settled and perilous sleep,
Out of the region and shadow of death,
Out of its foul and pestilent breath,
Out of the bondage and wearing chains,
Out of companionship, ever, with stains.

Into the light and glory of God,
Into the holiest made clean by blood,
Into His arms, the embrace and the kiss,
Into the scene of ineffable bliss,
Into the quiet and infinite calm,
Into the place of the song and the psalm.

Wonderful love, that has wrought all for me!
Wonderful work, that has thus set me free!
Wonderful ground, upon which I have come!
Wonderful tenderness, welcoming home!

Out of disaster and ruin complete,
Out of the struggle and dreary defeat,
Out of my sorrow, and bondage and shame,
Out of the evils too fearful to name,
Out of my guilt and the criminal’s doom,
Out of the dreading, and terror and gloom.

Into the scenes of forgiveness and rest,
Into inheritance with all the blest,
Into a righteous and permanent peace,
Into the grandest and fullest release,
Into the comfort without an alloy,
Into a perfect and confident joy.

Wonderful holiness bringing to light!
Wonderful grace, putting all out of sight!
Wonderful lowliness, draining my cup!
Wonderful purpose, that ne’er gave me up.

Out of the horror of being alone,
Out, and for ever, of being my own,
Out of the bitterness, madness, and strife,
Out of myself, and all I called “life,”
Out of the hardness of heart and of will,
Out of the longings that nothing could fill.

Into communion with Father and Son,
Into the sharing of all that Christ won,
Into the ecstacies, full to the brim,
Into the having of all things with Him,
Into Christ Jesus, there ever to dwell,
Into more blessings than tongue can e’er tell.

Wonderful person, whose face I’ll behold!
Wonderful story, there all to be told!
Wonderful, all the dread way that He trod!
Wonderful end, that He brought me to God!
"The Christian" 1886

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