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by Miss Charlotte Elliott (1789-1871)

    "Unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of Righteousness
arise with healing in His wings" Mal. iv. 2.

Thou glorious Sun of Righteousness,
On this day risen to set no more,
Shine on me now to heal and bless
With brighter beams than ere before.

Shine on thy work of grace within,
On each celestial blossom there:
Destroy each bitter root of sin,
And make thy garden fresh and fair.

Shine on thy pure eternal word,
Its mysteries to my soul reveal;
And whether read, remembered, heard
O let it quicken, strengthen, heal.

Shine on the temples of thy grace;
In spotless robes thy priests be clad;
Unveil the brightness of thy face,
And make thy chosen people glad.

Shine on those unseen things displayed
To faith's illuminated eye;
And let their splendour cast a shade
On every earthly vanity.

Shine on the hearts of those most dear,
Disperse each cloud 'twixt them and thee:
Their glorious heavenward prospects clear;
"Light in thy light" O let them see.

Shine on those friends for whom we mourn,
Who know not yet thy healing ray:
Quicken their souls, and bid them turn
To thee, "the life, the truth, the way."

Shine on those tribes no country owns,
On Judah, once thy dwelling-place;
"Thy servants think upon her stones,"
And long to see her day of grace.

Shine on the missionary's home,
Give him his heart's desire to see;
Collect thy scattered ones who roam;
One fold, one Shepherd let there be.

Shine, till thy glorious beams shall chase
The blinding film from every eye----
Till every earthly dwelling-place
Shall hail the day-spring from on high.

Shine on, shine on, eternal Sun,
Pour richer floods of life and light,
Till that bright Sabbath be begun,
That glorious day which knows no night.

"The British Messenger" 1864

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