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Ps. xvii. 15

"I Shall Be Satisfied!"

by R. H. K.

    "I shall be satisfied when I awake with Thy likeness" Ps. xvii. 15.

Even now my heart is ravished
With my Saviour's precious love;
And, as hasting on to glory,
Daily, I His sweetness prove.
Though He leads to living pastures,
And I taste a flowing tide,
Yet, until I see His beauty,
I shall ne'er be satisfied.

Many a song He gives to brighten
All the long and dreary night;
Many a cup of joy He gives me,
For in me He has delight.
Surely, with such love abounding,
I could give up all beside;
Still, I'm sure, until I see Him,
I can ne'er be satisfied.

Oh, my heart, with grace uplifted,
Would each fiery trial stem;
But, to gaze upon the Victor,
Decked with many a diadem,
Him to see, I've sweet desirings,
Who for me once bled and died;
And I know, till behold Him,
I can ne'er be satisfied.

For with Him, I know, are treasured
Rarest things, both new and old;
But His love,—His heart's affection,
Choicer is than finest gold;
Changeless, too; than death e'en stronger,
For my Lord was crucified;
And until these eyes behold Him
I can ne
'er be satisfied.

 Soon, the day-dawn will be breaking
And the shadows flee away;
Now, by faith, in joy and gladness,
I await the coming day.
For I know my soul is safely
Hidden in His wounded side;
And anon, He sweetly tells me
I shall
soon be satisfied.

Lo! He tells me now His secret,
Cheering with His heavenly smile;
Telling me, in love's low whisper,
It is but "a little while;''
Yes, for soon, to brightest glory,
He will fetch away His bride,
Then I'll shine in His own likeness,
And be ever satisfied! 
H. R. K. 
"Our Hope" 1904.

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