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Tom said ...
Roger Shuff, in his book, “Searching For The True Church", says "Boyes was a prolific pamphleteer with Kelly-Lowe Brethren in Bexhill"
Monday, Oct 31, 2022 : 03:58
Rodger said ...
Is anyone able to tell us more about Mr. Boyes? Also, does anyone know if all the “intended publications” were ever produced, including the “Orthodox Remnant Testimony Magazine,” and are they able to supply copies for the archive?
Monday, Oct 31, 2022 : 10:11
Marty said ...
I believe this is the correct family.
Robert Stanley Boyes - 26th August 1922 ~ 15th June 1993, age 70.
Wife: Vera Hetty Bushell - 23rd Jan. 1917 ~ Aug. 2002, age 85.
Married in 1950.
Father: Stanley Milton Boyes - 9th Oct. 1890 ~ 23rd Oct. 1948
Mother: Margaret Louise Jewers - 13th Nov. 1889 ~ Sept. 1966
Margaret Adeline Boyes - 20th July 1924 ~ 28th May 1983, age 58.
Elizabeth Louise Bell - 28th Aug. 1931 ~
Monday, Oct 31, 2022 : 18:30
Jonathan said ...
If he was with Kelly-Lowe brethren, he must have made a volte face - as per his letter linked above relating to the Raven controversy:

"I believe that what I have stated above is the truth of God and in relation to the 1890 controversy shows why I say that I look to Glanton to adhere to orthodoxy and to convert "Kelly-Lowe" Brethren to orthodox unity."

Having grown up with Kelly brethren, I've never heard of him. Perhaps he was ejected (or ejected himself) long before my time!
Monday, Oct 31, 2022 : 20:15
Nick Fleet said ...

It's possible he was with 'Glanton'. In the 1968 List of Meetings, the Bexhill meeting is listed at 'Birkdale Hall, Birkdale Road'.  When he died on 15 June 1993, it was at 68 Birkdale, Bexhill-on-Sea. He was a retired Solicitor and Civil Servant.  On page 8 of his #1 pamphlet he wrote:

The official position of Kelly-Lowe Brethren seems to be based on Ordism, while a neo-Ravenite element in "Glanton" is still disposed to resist Mr. W. R. Dronsfield's pamphlet on "Apollinarianism."

In the early 1990s there was a sister who occasionally came to Tunbridge Wells from Bexhill when she was able, so I'm fairly certain the meeting there had ceased by then.  Norman Johnson (brother of Michael) had formerly been associated with the Bexhill 'Glanton' meeting but when I knew him was local at Eastbourne.

Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022 : 00:20
Irma said ...

Robert (Bobby) Stanley Boyes, who grew up in S.E. London but lived for many years in Bexhill, was taken to be with the Lord on June 15, 1993.

For some years, the Glanton meeting in Bexhill gathered in homes of the brethren.
In the decade preceding WWII., before certain members of the Boyes family moved from Honor Oak to Bexhill, the brethren met in Clifford Road Hall. Eight miles distant, at St Leonard’s-on- Sea, there was an occasional meeting in the home of Mrs Gambier, the daughter of the well loved evangelist, Mr Arthur Cutting..

In his early days, Mr Boyes was known throughout the country to many young families, not confined to those amongst so-called Brethren. Mr A.G. Taylor of the Sutton (Glanton) meeting, who held a leading position in the well known firm, “Cow and Gate”, was responsible for using the picture of a young child, “Smiler”, to adorn for many years the tins and other packaging of C. & G. powdered milk. “Smiler” was Bobby Boyes!
Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022 : 04:58
Steve Noble said ...
In his pamphlet on the 1961 revival (which never happened), Mr Boyes places a lot of confidence in his revised version of “Chalcedon”. Like many before him and since, he (no doubt unwittingly) thinks he can improve upon the language of Scripture, and the way the Spirit of God has chosen and arranged His own words. The Bible on its own won’t do – we must produce a formula. Little wonder that there was no revival in 1961. If I can borrow the words of the Gospel writer, “the matters most fully believed among us” (Luke 1: 1) are preserved for us in the Scriptures, and there is no need to depart from that record at all. Particularly in relation to the person of Christ we must pay scrupulous attention to not only the words of the Bible, but their relation to one another and the context in which they are set. We cannot improve upon it.
Mr Boyes talks of the ‘orthodox’ position as if there was some merit in orthodoxy. Generally accepted beliefs are just as likely to be wrong as right, and while this brother may think “Chalcedon” was right in the fourth century there was much in Christendom that was ‘orthodox’ and wrong. I regret to see another brother (albeit more famous than Boyes) also appealing to orthodoxy when he writes “Yet he knew that he was not only opposing but striving to put shame on the confession of every saint who has written on it, as far as is known through all the church of God. To say nothing of every teacher esteemed among Brethren”. The whole of that comment is irrelevant to the matter in hand. What matters, and what only matters, is what the Word of God says. That is where authority lies – not in orthodoxy and its associated creeds, right though they may be in their measure.
Thursday, Nov 3, 2022 : 20:38
Nick Fleet said ...

Thanks, Irma, for that information. A picture of Robert Boyes as "Smiler" can be seen here

Cow and Gate was started by the Gates brothers, Charles and Leonard.  Grandson, Arthur Gates was in the 'London' meeting at Guildford.  I was in his house once, aged about 2 !

A fascinating series of 'Gow and Gate' cards (including one of 'Smiler') can be seen here

I wonder how many of the illustrations were based on others associated with Brethren?

Friday, Nov 4, 2022 : 15:57

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