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by S. E.L. O.


CAN this be love that takes away
My heart's delight—my hope, my stay,
And turns to night my gladsome day?
Can this be love?

Athwart the gloom there beams a light,
A ray that parts the brooding night,
A gleam from One in glory's height,
Whose name is Love.

His name is Love! His heart, His hand
Move ever at His love's command;
All that befalls by Him is planned;
It must be love.

Love takes away to give thee more,
Replaces earth's by heaven's store,
Calls thee within its open door,
O wondrous love!

Love waits upon thee—Jesus wept
Beside the grave where Lazarus slept,
Upheld by Him, thou shalt be kept
In heavenly love.

The Lord has sanctified the grave,
It tells us, not of judgment's wave,
But of the One who died to save,
In boundless love.

Love weans thy heart from changing scenes
To where eternal glory beams;
Love, which earth's passing brightness deems
Unfit for thee.

The children of the Father's choice
Must learn to recognize His voice,
And in His ways of love rejoice,
That holy love.

The shine and shadow, toil and strife
Of this death scene, with anguish rife,
Must vanish, and a scene of life
Express God's love.

Though one by one we're parted here,
The link remains which binds us near,
All one in Christ, we shall appear
Fruit of His love.

The universe of glory bright—
No sun, no lamp—but heavenly light,
Shall in its beams our souls unite
In endless love.

A note of richest, sweetest praise
Shall every heart, here chastened, raise,
And every tongue confess His ways:
Love, Perfect Love!

 “Helps for the Poor of the Flock” 1913



"The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth
more and more unto the perfect day." (Prov. iv. 18.)

SHINING, shining—ever shining,
With a radiance from above,
(Earth no more my heart entwining),
In life's shining path I move.
Though the gloom of death's dark shadow
Hovers—threatening all around—
Closer yet the rays of glory
Circling, over all abound.
And my heart now sings in triumph,
While I press along the way,
That, with ever-brightening lustre,
Shines unto the perfect day. 

“The Believer’s Friend” 1913



"All his saints are in thy hand." (Deut. xxxiii. 3; John xvii. 10.)

LORD, 'tis Thine to provide,
And 'tis ours to confide,
That, whatever betide,
We shall be to Thy praise.

Howsoe'er comes the call,
And whatever befall,
Yet Thy hand holds us all—
We shall be to Thy praise.

Lord, in glory untold,
We Thy face shall behold,
For Thy love doth enfold
All Thy saints, to Thy praise.

And, in glory's bright day,
Thou with joy wilt display,
In her bridal array,
The whole church, to Thy praise.

Thou Thine Israel wilt claim,
They who once spurned Thy name
Shall rejoice in Thy fame,
They shall be to Thy praise.

The whole universe blessed,
Christ the centre confessed,
In His love God will rest,
Never ending the praise.

“The Believer’s Friend” 1915



(JOHN VI. 20.)

THE wind blew strong, the waves rolled high,
Clouds overspread the dark'ning sky:
All threatened, nought of hope seemed nigh;
Alone—I felt afraid.

The voice of One who draweth near!
The tones sublime dispel my fear;
Words reach my now expectant ear—
'Tis I; be not afraid.

I will preserve thee free from harm,
Encircled by My mighty arm;
Let peace possess thee—not alarm—
'Tis I; be not afraid.

Pillow thy head upon My breast,
Confide in Me, in Me find rest;
Despite the storm thou shalt be blest—
‘Tis I; be not afraid.

'Tis Mine to bid the tempest cease,
To calm the waves, from fears release;
I speak, and all is hushed to peace—
'Tis I; be not afraid.

'Tis I, who died to set thee free;
'Tis I, who gave Myself for thee:
That thou Mine own might'st ever be—
‘Tis I; be not afraid.

'Tis I, thy Saviour, Shepherd, Friend;
I, who have loved thee to the end;
Able to succour, guide, defend—
‘Tis I; be not afraid.

‘Tis I, supreme in glory now,
The Victor's crown upon My brow;
To Me all heaven and earth shall bow,
'Tis I; be not afraid.

“The Believer’s Friend” 1917



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