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Brief and Suggestive Thoughts on Discipline

by S.J.B. Carter

Tom said ...
Probably written around 1885 before he joined the Exclusives. Page 4 in the pdf is handwritten notes on the back. Page 5 and 6 were attached but clearly cut from other pieces.
Friday, Oct 1, 2021 : 01:20
Greg said ...
Thanks Tom

Page 5 looks to be a fragment of the second 1885 publication which, together with the first, he retracted in 1888. The handwritten notes and the printing on p.6 appear to be someone else's production.

In 1888 he wrote:
"Three years ago I wrote two tracts in which I denied the One Body as the only true ground of gathering in a day of ruin.
These two tracts I humbly and readily withdraw, and leave on record my deep regret before God that I ever penned a line of them".

It would be useful to see the second in its entirety if anyone can assist.
Friday, Oct 1, 2021 : 20:00

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