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Thomas Oliver

Born: 19th June 1871
Died: 12th September 1946

Birth Location
Cavers, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Death Location
Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland
Burial (1946)
Eastlands Cemetery, Galashiels
Marriage (1898)
Isabella Oliver , Sheriff Court House Edinburgh
Occupaton (1909)
First Principal of Scotland Central Technical College (by 1922: Scottish Woollen Technical College)

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A short biography in German:
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Rodger said ...
Does someone know if there is a volume compiling the various writings of Tom Oliver? I have some scans of a few booklets by him, but the pages are numbered so as to appear to be part of a larger volume. The listings of his books in the CBA also have page numbers beside them, which seems to bear this out.

I would be very interested in obtaining this volume if it does exist.
Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018 : 11:55
Martin said ...
I have originals or scans of 8 of these booklets (each has 32 pages) covering the pages 1-288. Only one number is missing: "Riches in glory" (pages 193-224). It seems there were no numbers after page 288, but I am not sure.
Is anyone able to provide the missing pages 193-224?
Martin (
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 : 03:13
Tom said ...
Hi Martin, would it be pos to have the scans for the website?
Maybe someone else has the missing one so we could complete the set?
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 : 05:48
Greg said ...
I believe I have "Riches In Glory" but am not home now. Feel free to email me and remind me where to send a copy (photocopy or scanned).
Friday, Sep 13, 2019 : 12:13
Martin Arhelger said ...

I got copies of two missing booklets of T. Oliver. I put all booklets together as a complete book:

The cover sheet was created by myself. I put the 10 lists of contents after the cover sheet. The covers of the booklets are at the end.

Martin Arhelger

Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 : 19:33
Martin Arhelger said ...

There was another "Thomas Oliver" who is mentioned in a footnote on page 221 and 222 of "The Gospel Messenger" 30 (year: 1915). See here:
This footnote tells us: "On 16th July {1915}, after a very short illness, he passed into the eternity of which he wrote so warningly to the unsaved. . . .We knew the writer well. He was, when a young man, very sceptical, and judged God very hardly. God's answer to this was by giving him a deep sense of his own sin, and then saving him very blessedly. From that hour he began to serve the Lord devotedly, and follow Him fully. He was 'a man of God,' whose Christ-like life is an imperishable heirloom to his family, and an inspiring example to the saints of God. His last words of gospel to the unsaved will be much blessed of God, we are persuaded, for by them he 'being dead, yet speaketh.' "

My question: Is there any relation of this Thomas Oliver (+ 1915) with the "Dr. Thomas Oliver" (+1946) of Galashiels?

Martin Arhelger

Saturday, Oct 26, 2019 : 19:41
Marty said ...

Thomas Marchant Oliver, born c.1840, of The Hawthorns, Bromley Hill, Croydon, died on 16th July 1915, age 75.  He married Jane Crow and they had 9 children: 5 boys and 4 girls. His son (Thomas Clifford) died in 1898. Could not find a relation to Dr. Thomas Oliver.

Sunday, Oct 27, 2019 : 00:28
Tom said ...
I discovered I have the Riches in Glory pamphlet, but from above it seems it is scanned by now. Martin the link you gave no longer works so I assume you moved the file. Could you possibly send it to me so I could put it up here?
Sunday, Feb 9, 2020 : 22:13

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