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Matthew vi. 20

Treasures In Heaven.

by Thomas Somerville

 Christ in Heaven—our affections
Centered now in Him above,
All the wealth of glory measured
Measured by His deathless love.
New Creation—Heavenly Kingdom,
Glory ne'er to pass away;

Oh what vast exhaustless treasure,
Treasure that can ne'er decay.
Left the objects that are dying,
Left the light and giddy throng,
For the wealth of coming glories
And the never ending song.

Song that shall increase in gladness
As it then shall roll along,
Gathering now its rich momentum
For the glory here made strong.
Here to join the first notes swelling,
Foretaste of the Jubilee,

And by faith to grasp with firmness
What we very soon shall see.
Now believing ours in measure,
Holding firm our title sure;
Hope that put us on the hilltop
Tasting what shall aye endure.

(Written for "Our Hope", 1928,  by Thomas Somerville in his 88th year)


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