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A Song of Hope.

by W. H. Sansom

   LORD, I am weak, and all is dark before me,
Strengthen my heart, my Guide and comfort be,
That through the days of this my desert journey,
My hand in Thine, I thus may walk with Thee.

 Jesus, Thou Lord of life, and light, and glory,
Food of my soul, my sun, my shield, my song,
God's suffering Lamb, in Calvary's awful story,
Centre of praise to all the heavenly throng.

 Star of the morn, I watch for Thine arising;
Speak to my heart while I my vigil keep,
Till Love's sweet call, Thy myriad saints surprising,
Claims for itself the quick and those who sleep.

 Thus Thou wilt come, Thy glory all unveiling,
Thy splendour chasing all earth's clouds away;
And all Thine own, with joy Thine advent hailing,
Dwell in Thy love through everlasting day.

"Scripture Truth" 1914

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