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The Year 1895

Another Comforter: Thirteen Lectures on the Operations of the Holy Spirit

by W.T.P. Wolston

Timothy Stunt said ...
In the account of Walter Thomas Prideaux Wolston [1840-1917] in "Chief Men among the Brethren" (see we are told that he came from Brixham, but nothing about his family. On the other hand Tom has published several letters relating to Brethren matters from Richard Walter Wolston of Brixham who is described in the 1851 census as 'Attorney & Notary; Farmer Of 11 Acres; Proprietor Of Iron Mine & Ocher Works.' (See Can anyone clarify the likely relationship between Richard Walter W and Walter Thomas Prideaux W? Could the younger Wolston have had a mother or grandmother who was from the Quaker family of Prideaux? Timothy Stunt
Friday, Apr 10, 2020 : 01:28
Timothy Stunt said ...
Minutes later! Sorry Tom, my chemotherapeutically addled memory had quite forgotten that we discussed the Wolston/ Prideaux/Murley family connection just two years ago! Timothy Stunt
Friday, Apr 10, 2020 : 01:45
Tom said ...
Though I'm not sure we have yet finalised the link between the Wolstons and the Prideauxs we know!
Friday, Apr 10, 2020 : 02:16

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