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William Jarratt

Born: 1806
Died: 1857
Appears in Groves / Muller / Baynes Family Tree

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

William Jarratt, son of the Vicar of Wellington, was a friend of GVW and then JND;

"About the year 1831," says Mr. Darby in a letter to a friend, "I went to Oxford where many doors were open, and where I found Mr. Wigram and Mr. Jarratt. Subsequently in calling on Mr. F. Newman I met Mr. Newton, who asked me to go down to Plymouth, which I did. On arriving I found in the house Captain Hall, who was already preaching in the villages. We had reading meetings, and ere long began to break bread. Though Mr. Wigram began the work in London, he was a great deal at Plymouth."

A bit more info on him is found in the note at the bottom of p 287 on "From Awakening to Secession".

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