Brethren Archive
The Year 1921

"Jehovah My God, My Holy One" Addresses at Park Street, Islington, 1921

by William Johnson

Tom said ...

I remember my beloved mother years ago when I was a boy, how often she said to me looking at me through her tears, "I would rather see you a man of God than anything else. I should not care if you break stones by the wayside for a living so long as you are a man of God."

Interestingly similar to JND's quote "If I had children, I would as soon see them break stones on the road as do anything else, if I could only secure to them the Gospel and the grace of God"

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018 : 05:56
Tom said ...
I've just replaced this as the first version was missing pages 46,47.
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018 : 23:35

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