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A fair amount of information can be found about this in Neil Dickson's "The History of the Open Brethren in Scotland 1838-1999". Here are just a few of the most relevant quotes, but much more can be found by searching for 'Pickering' withn it.

"In 1876 Donald Ross opened the Publishing Office in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, and when Henry Pickering (its manager from 1886) formed a partnership in 1893 with printer William Inglis (died 1906), it combined both men's names in its title." p182

"In addition [J.R.] Caldwell may have had a crucial role in the development of Pickering & Inglis for in 1886 The Publishing Office shared premises with Caldwell's firm (Dempster, 'Brethren publishing', p. 70) and JB Watson stated that it was Caldwell who invited Pickering to take up the appointment of bookshop manager (Watson, 'Pickering'). These evidences of control suggest that Caldwell may have also supported the publishers financially during this period. " p183

"It was the restricted views which were winning over significant individuals. Ritchie issued Banks' pamphlet, as did Henry Pickering, then
running a small printer's business in Newcastle. Hopkins' pamphlet was issued by the Publishing Office in Glasgow and Banks, took over
control of this concern in 1886; it was he who appointed Pickering as his manager. JR Caldwell, who was Boswell's brother-in-law, was also won over to these views .. " p203

"In 1919 Pickering & Inglis absorbed Brethren publishers RL Allan of Glasgow, Alfred Holness of London, and Yapp and Hawkins of London. It became a limited company in 1937: 'John Hawthorn', W, 67 (1937), p. 47."  p196

"In 1908 on the death of William Inglis, he (John Gray) became a partner in Pickering & Inglis and he removed to Glasgow, taking the main responsibility for printing and publishing after Henry Pickering retired to London in 1922" p354

From -

"In 1906, the firm expanded by printing in Glasgow and later Cardiff and opening shops in Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dublin, Bournemouth (Keith Jones is ex-P&I), Manchester and maybe some others.  They were a chain before such were known but tended to operate independently. That was their inherent weakness. 

By the 1930s they, along with Marshall Morgan & Scott, were the two leading UK independent publishing businesses. The bookshops were a good outlet for P & I books and their printing output gave them an advantage over MM&S. 

When the new centrally-run, charity-based SU and CLC shops came along, P & I found it difficult to compete and the shops closed one by one. The last to close were Manchester in 1966 and London in 1985. However the large Glasgow shop continued flourish and survived a company merger with competitors MM&S in 1981.

The Glasgow shop was bought by STL in 1999 and became Wesley Owen’s flagship store for ten years before being bought by Koorong in 2009."

In 1981 P&I merged with Marshall Morgan and Scott (a London-based predominantly Baptist publishing house, which had acquired a number of publishing companies over the years, such as Bagsters and Oliphants) to become Marshall Pickering. Marshall Pickering was itself acquired by Zondervan in 1983 and merged into it in 2001.

Tom said ...
From N.D.s notes it appears there is a tribute to 'William Inglis', written by HP in Believer's Pathway 29 (1908), pp. 22-5 .. unfortunately not a volume I have at present.

Also of James Hawkins in The Witness, 49 (1919), p35. And 'Home-call of a colleague', The Witness, 56 (1926), p. 453. Again neither we have scanned at the moment.

The book by J.A.H. Dempster; "Aspects of Brethren publishing enterprise in late nineteenth century Scotland", would be useful to see too.
Thursday, Aug 23, 2018 : 04:48
Tom said ...

R.L. Allan's appears to have 'demerged' from P&I (maybe in the 1980s?), see .. It is still on-going but I read it is now associated with somewhat dodgy things, e.g. publishing for the Cooneyites :s

Thursday, Aug 23, 2018 : 05:23
Marty said ...
From: "Echoes of Service" 1908
Fallen Asleep. Jan. 18th, 1908 at Glasgow, WILLIAM INGLIS, of the firm of Pickering and Inglis. Mr. Inglis will be greatly missed by many, for he was a diligent and able preacher of the Word.
Sunday, Feb 17, 2019 : 02:34
Robert. Paulette said ...
I am looking for Zondervan and Pickering publications. Please send me a printed catalogue or summary of books available. Thank you
Saturday, Sep 14, 2019 : 07:37
Robert. Paulette said ...
I am looking for Zondervan and Pickering publications. Please send me a printed catalogue or summary of books available. Thank you
Saturday, Sep 14, 2019 : 07:37
Miek said ...
Dear sir, madam,
greetings in the name of Jesus. I write to enquire as to whether you still publish the NIV Pocket Guide for Christian Worker. If so where can we get our hands on them? I live in Tottenham London. Our Church is an Elim Church in Finsbury Park, London N4 4PT.

Yours sincerely.
Pastor Miek Christie.
Thursday, Oct 3, 2019 : 20:40
Marty said ...
From "Echoes of Service" 1936
Fallen Asleep:
Feb. 2nd, [1936] at Glasgow, JOHN GRAY, joint treasurer of "Home and Foreign Mission Funds," and partner in the firm of Pickering & Inglis. One of his fellow treasurers writes, "He was a most valuable and worthy brother, whose place it will be difficult to fill."
Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021 : 01:36
James Magowan said ...
Reading a book Dwight Lyman Moody, The Prince of Evangelists. Are other books in the Memoir Series still available
Tuesday, Apr 19, 2022 : 01:15
Andrew Osatohamwen said ...
Warmest greetings in Christ name. Please sir, I am the director of the preacher training school in my community. The school trains pastors and church leaders.
Please send us your books on a variety of Bible subjects to help us in the training of pastor.
Send the books to

Andrew Osatohamwen, Director
Preacher Training School
P.O. Box 12071
Benin City
Edo State
Monday, Jul 18, 2022 : 17:55
Mavis said ...
I have a copy of Valiant in fight published by Pickering & Inglis could you tell me if it's any value , thank you
Saturday, Dec 17, 2022 : 07:31
Mark porter said ...
I have three we booklets printed by Pickering & Inglis,printed in conjunction with the SCOTTISH PROPHETIC COUNCIL.Two of them are written by a James Scott of Glasgow.They are dispensational in framework.They have Threepence printed on each of them.Would you have any idea what the date of printing is,or any information on them?
Friday, Jan 20, 2023 : 03:24
Cecil Maurice Richardson said ...
'A man of the world' is the title of a biography of Dr G Campbell Morgan by Jill Morgan which I have just read. Is it still possible to get other books by Dr Morgan? Do you have any?
Saturday, Apr 6, 2024 : 03:22
PeterR said ...
Re R L Allan - the printing of hymn-books for the 2x2 sect goes back a very long way (first half of 20th century I think). There is a thread on the matter on a discussion forum for those people: "Why do the workers patronize RL Allan and Sons?"

On a similar theme, though, I was surprised (flabbergasted!) that Pickering and Inglis, in the second half of the 1940s published two books "Believing the Bible" and "On Reading the Bible" both by Alfred David Norris, a known Christadelphian. I say "known" because, on page 132 of "Believing the Bible" there is a footnote to an article by the author and another writer in a 1940 issue of "The Christadelphian". I know we didn't have the internet in those days, but I would have thought it was widely known that Christadelphians were (and are) heretical by the standards of mainstream evangelical Christian belief. In 1930 Christadelphians were included in William Carleton Irvine's "Heresies Exposed" published by, you've guessed it, Pickering and Inglis!
Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024 : 04:50
PeterR said ...
A footnote to my previous message - so-called "Cooneyites" were also included in "Heresies Exposed".
Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024 : 04:58

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