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  • George Morrish

    Took over T.H. Gregg's publishing business, at 24 Warrick Lane around 1856/7. Later moved to 20 Paternoster Square, which was also listed under many other names, such as "London Gospel Tract Depot", "Gospel Book Depot", etc. Later also 114 Camberwell Road.

    See George Morrish

  • The Publishing Office, 40 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

    Open Brethren publishers which published periodicals such as "The Believer's Pathway", and "The Northern Witness".

    In the Commercial Gazette for 1881  we have listed "Turner George & Co., publishers and booksellers, 40 Sauchiehall-street, Glasgow; June 30. Debts by John R. Caldwell, who continues at 40 Sauchiehall-street as The Publishing Office. George Turner will carry on business at 249 Argyle-street, Glasgow, as George Turner & Co."

    In an 1884 Post Office Directory it is listed as "The Publishing Office, publishers, booksellers, printers, and bookbinders; Wm. Kyle, manager."

    Also used the address heading, Office of "Herald of Salvation".

  • Alfred Holness

    Operated from 21 Paternoster Row in the 1870s, and 14 Paternoster Row, London by the early 1880s.

    See Alfred Holness

  • D. Walther
  • Yapp & Hawkins
  • William Yapp
  • J.B. Rowe
  • Central Tract Depot
  • J.K. Campbell
  • W.H Broom
  • W.B. Horner
  • F.E. Race
  • C.A. Hammond
  • T. Weston
  • T.F. Shorto
  • William Walters
  • James Carter
  • Bible Truth Depot, St Louis
  • London Gospel Tract Depot
  • A.S. Rouse
  • Stow Hill Bible & Tract Depot
  • James Hawkins
  • J.F. Shaw
  • W.Shaw, Maybole
  • R.L. Allan
  • John Ritchie
  • Central Bible Truth Depot
  • Bible & Tract Depot, Rochester, NY
  • Loizeaux Brothers
  • W.H.G. Blatchley

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