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Thy Name We Love, Lord Jesus

by W. Yerbury (d. 1863)

Tune: Victory Iambic

1 THY name we love, Lord Jesus;
And lowly bow before Thee;
And while we live, to Thee we give,
All blessing, worship, glory;
We sing aloud Thy praises,
Our hearts and voices blending,
'Tis Thou alone we worthy own;
Thy beauty's all transcending

2 Thy name we love, Lord Jesus;
It tells God's love unbounded
To ruined man, ere time began,
Or heaven and earth were founded;
Thine is a love eternal,
That found in us its pleasure,
That brought Thee low, to bear our woe,
And make us Thine own treasure.

3 Thy name we love, Lord Jesus;
It tells Thy birth so lowly,
Thy patience, grace, Thy gentleness,
Thy lonely path, so holy;
Thou wast the Man of sorrows:
Our grief, too, Thou didst bear it;
The bitter cup, Thou drankest up;
The thorny crown, didst wear it.

4 Thy name we love, Lord Jesus;
God's Lamb Thou wast ordained
To bear our sins (Thyself all clean) ---
Our judgment hast sustained;
We see Thee crowned in glory,
Above the heavens now seated,
The victory won, Thy work well done,
Our righteousness completed.

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