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Lord Jesus, When We Think Of Thee

by J.G. Deck

Tune: Wiltshire C.M.

1 LORD Jesus, when we think of Thee,
Of all Thy love and grace,
Our spirits long and fain would see
Thy beauty, face to face.

2 And though the wilderness we tread,
A barren, thirsty ground,
With thorns and briars overspread,
Where foes and snares abound,

3 Yet in Thy love such depths we see,
Our souls o'erflow with praise ---
Content ourselves, while, Lord, to Thee
A joyful song we raise.

4 Our Lord, our Life, our Rest, our Shield,
Our Rock, our Food, our Light;
Each thought of Thee doth constant yield
Unchanging, fresh delight.

5 Blest Saviour, keep our spirits stayed,
Hard following after Thee,
Till we, in robes of white arrayed,
Thy face in glory see.

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