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Love Bound Thee To The Altar

by Unknown

Tune: St. Christopher

1 LOVE bound Thee to the altar,
The Father's love and Thine,
For us, O peerless Victim,
That we with Thee might shine.
Thy wealth Thou didst surrender,
Thyself didst freely give,
Thy life in grace unbounded,
That we with Thee might live.

2 In those long hours of anguish,
When men passed scoffing by,
When Satan sore assailed Thee,
When God heard not Thy cry,
Then were our sins Thy burden,
Our guilt, our grief, Thy bands;
And then our names were graven
For ever on Thy hands.

3 We praise Thee, Lord most holy,
Thou First-born from the dead;
Now o'er all powers triumphant,
O'er all things Lord and Head;
But ever and for ever
The memory of Thy pain
Shall raise our songs in worship,
For Thou for us wast slain.

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