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O Blessed Lord, We Praise Thee Now

by Janetta Wilbraham Taylor

Tune: Winchester Old C.M.

1 O BLESSED Lord, we praise Thee now
For all that Thou hast done,
Thine acts of untold grace and love,
The victory Thou hast won.

2 We praise Thee for the bitter cross,
The judgment Thou didst bear,
When, standing in the sinner's place,
Our sins were on Thee there.

3 But, more than all that Thou hast done,
We praise for what Thou art,
The Son of God, the Son of man,
With loving, tender heart.

4 We praise Thee that Thou art our Lord,
Whose ever gracious ways
Transport our souls, and teach our hearts
To yield Thee fervent praise.

5 It is our greatest joy on earth
That Thou art with us here;
Our greatest joy in heaven will be
That we are with Thee there.

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