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O For The Robe Of Whiteness

by C. L. Smith (Mrs. Bancroft)

1 O FOR the robe of whiteness,
To walk with Christ in light!
O for the glorious brightness
Of day without a night!

2 We would a name of favour,
Graved on the stone of white;
We'd taste that manna's flavour,
Reserved for heaven's delight.

3 'Tis sweet, the thought of rising
The risen Lord to meet;
Or changed, ourselves surprising,
Like Him for whom we wait.

4 What joy supreme in seeing
The Saviour face to face,
The peaceful joy of being
For ever in that place!

5 Jesus, Thou King of glory,
We soon shall dwell with Thee,
And sing Thy love's bright story,
When we Thy glory see.

6 E'en now our souls would enter
The holiest on high,
That all our love might centre
In Thee who cam'st to die.

7 At God's right hand in glory
Thou art, Thy work complete,
Till perfected the story
That gives us too our seat.

8 Then o'er the wide creation
Thy power will stretch its arm ---
Secure from all temptation,
Free from all human harm.

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