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The Father, From Eternity

by Philip Nicolai (1556-1608)

Tune: Nicolai P.M.

1 THE Father, from eternity,
Chose us, O Jesus Christ, in Thee,
In Thee, His well-beloved;
And we, as given to Thee --- Thy bride,
In Thee, Lord Jesus, can confide:
Thy love remains unmoved.
From Thee daily
Strength receiving --- to Thee cleaving,
Blessed Jesus!
May we all show forth Thy praises.

2 Before the world we'd make our boast,
That Thou, in whom is all our trust,
Art Lord of life and glory;
And soon Thou'lt bring us to that place
Where we shall see Thee face to face,
And, glorified, adore Thee.
Amen! --- Be then
Praise and blessing --- never ceasing
To Thee given
Here, and when we come to heaven.

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