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The Lord Is Risen: The Red Sea's Judgment Flood

by William Paton Mackay

Tune: National Hymn

1 THE Lord is risen: the Red Sea's judgment flood
Is passed in Him, who bought us with His blood.
The Lord is risen: we stand beyond the doom
Of all our sin, through Jesus' empty tomb.

2 The Lord is risen: with Him we also rose,
And in His grave see vanquished all our foes.
The Lord is risen: beyond the judgment-land,
In Him, in resurrection life we stand.

3 The Lord is risen: redeemed now to God,
We tread the desert which His feet have trod.
The Lord is risen: the sanctuary's our place,
Where now we dwell before the Father's face.

4 The Lord is risen: the Lord is gone before,
We long to see Him, and to sin no more.
The Lord is risen: our triumph-shout shall be,
"Thou hast prevailed. Thy people, Lord, are free".

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