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Lord, While We Wait The Moment

by F.G. Burkitt

Tune: Ellacombe

1 LORD, while we wait the moment
When we shall see Thy face,
We daily prove the sweetness
Of Thy sustaining grace;
Yea, daily find the comfort
Of Thine unfailing love,
Till we shall know its fulness
When with Thee, Lord, above.

2 And yet while in the desert,
What lessons do we learn,
As on our homeward journey
Thou mak'st our hearts to burn!
The living water flowing
From life's perennial spring,
The daily manna coming,
Fresh praises daily bring.

3 And oh, what loud thanksgiving
Shall fill that home of love,
As we survey the pathway
Which led to Thee above!
There in the light unsullied
We'll see how great Thy care,
Which watched our every footstep,
Till we Thy rest should share.

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