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Father Of Glory, Our Songs We Are Raising

by H. Sattler

Tune: Epiphany Hymn Dactylic

Tune: Epiphany Hymn Dactylic

Tune: Epiphany Hymn Dactylic

1 FATHER of glory, our songs we are raising;
Such is Thy love, and so blessedly shown!
We are united in heart and in praising;
High we extol Thee, Thy glory we own.

2 Him Thou hast given --- unspeakable giving,
Father of glory --- the Son of Thy love!
Glorious answer --- response of the living --- 
Sons ever with Thee, O Father, above.

3 Yea, He has told us the wonderful secrets,
Father of glory, once hidden from man;
Fully revealed now to us by Thy Spirit,
All Thou desiredst --- eternity's plan!

4 Father of glory, we bow and adore Thee!
Restful our hearts as we wondering gaze.
Oh with what joy shall we offer before Thee
In the repose of Thy glory, our praise!

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