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O Lord, Thy Glory We Behold

by J.N. Darby

Tune: Claremont C.M.

Tune: Wiltshire C.M.

1 O LORD, Thy glory we behold,
Though not with mortal eyes;
That glory, on the Father's throne,
No human sight descries.

2 'Tis thence --- now Christ is gone on high,
Redemption's work complete ---
The Spirit brings His glory nigh,
To those who for Him wait.

3 And we our great Forerunner see,
In His own glory there;
Yet not ashamed, with such as we,
As Firstborn, all to share.

4 The Father's love, the source of all,
Sweeter than all it gives,
Shines on us now without recall,
And lasts while Jesus lives.

5 The new creation's stainless joy
Gleams through the present gloom;
That world of bliss without alloy,
The saint's eternal home.

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