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Lord Jesus, How our Souls Adore

by B. G. Hardingham (1894-1973)

Tune: Manoah C.M.

Tune: Manoah C.M.
* From verse 2.

1 LORD Jesus, how our souls adore
That perfect love of Thine!
We'd sing its sweetness o'er and o'er,
Immeasurable, divine.

2 We think of Thee, God's blessed Son,
Whom heavenly hosts obeyed,
Girding Thyself to serve Thine own,
And like a bondman made.

3 What deep affections moved Thee here,
As Thou didst seek Thy bride,
Joy of Thine heart, to Thee how dear!
Love could not be denied.

4 Thou gavest all that love could give,
The goodly pearl to gain;
Thou gav'st Thy life that we might live,
And Thou Thy bride obtain.

5 Fruit of that wondrous love of Thine,
We praise, we worship Thee;
Thy love unsearchable, divine,
Our endless song shall be.

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